Do You Have "Fat Ankles" or "Cankles"? - There Might Be A Solution To Help You
Get Rid Of Cankles and The Insecurity They Come With!!!!

Cankles Definition - What Exactly are Cankles?

In simple terms the word CANKLE is a combination of two words - Ankle and Calf. I'm pretty sure you know what an ankle is so I will just briefly point out what the "calf" is. Calf refers to the calf muscle which is found at the lower back of the leg towards the ankle. This means that a cankle is an ankle that is 'combined' so to say with the calf muscle leaving no clear definition of the ankle. Most people would simple refer to this as a fat or swollen ankle - Not a pleasant term to use in my opinion and it is such terms that end up making people with cankles feel insucure and hide their ankles all the time.


What Causes Cankles?

There are a wide variety of reasons for what causes Cankles.  Your genes play a role in how much fat your body retains and where it stores extra energy.  Obesity and being overweight is another reason because your body stores energy in the form of fat anywhere it can.  Water retention is another reason and last of all is diet.   These are considered the four main reasons that Cankles happen and form.  With the ByeByecankles program you will see how easy it is to use get rid of Cankles for good. Get other Cankle related questions here.


How To get Rid Of Cankles - Is This Possble?

Yes it is possible to get rid of cankles and there are a few ways in which it can be done as well. One of the most drastic ways of dealing with this issue is cankles liposuction. The procedure involves the removing of excess fat aroung the calf and the ankle of the patient to get the desired circumference. This is very drastic and not everyone can afford it as we all know that these cosmetic procedures are very expensive and medical insurance companies do not cover them, cankles liposuction is no exception.

Our prefered option on "how to get rid of cankles" is more natural and does not require you to go under the knife at all and can be achieved from the comfort of ones home.

Here are the aspects of this specific option offered by ByeByeCankles.Com

1) Exercises -  to tone every muscle around the area of the ankle. All the exercises discussed can be done in the comfort of your own home and will only take 5-10 mins of your time every 3 days.

2) Diet and nutrition - advice to help you lose weight over your entire body which will directly affect the excess fat and bloated look of your ankle. We will also touch on how to get rid of the water retention in the body that also leads to swollen ankles

3) Improve Blood Circulation - Cankles become more swollen due to poor blood circulation. We will teach you simple yet effective techniques to improve blood circulation focusing directly on your lower limbs.

4) Natural and Holistic ways to get rid of Cankles and over the counter supplements that will give you amazing results.